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Tracey L. Pagana has been practicing the gift of Reiki as well as other forms of voice and hands-on healing techniques for almost 20 years. In Tracey’s words:
“I am one of many who choose to walk and work with the spirit world. However, I believe, like any choice, these gifts have been calling me
my entire life. I have been open to all forms of healing. I am often used as a filter for the people who find and seek me out. My mission is to
be an instrument for the person, seeking to help them identify and fall in love with themselves, in human form as well as their soul within.
The lessons and healings they receive are always for the person seeking them. I also experience a healing in the process of delivering
their needs. I have had hundreds of personal, enlightening moments to validate this work as authentic and pure, divine love. I have witnessed many healings and been blessed time and again through the inter-connection of people seeking wholeness. I live a quiet, modest life in the small town of Strathroy, Ontario. I am blessed with family and relationships that teach me to grow. This is especially true of my relationship with the man who shares my life. He truly believes there is a need for the work to which I am so devoted and has been unwavering in his support of this project, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

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