My mission is to be an instrument for those seeking to identify and fall in love with themselves in human form as well as their soul within.


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Growing in Love has been my life’s work and personal passion. This has provided a conscious, consistent, acceptance, internal balance, and a deep understanding of patience.

Applying time, dedicated to the essence of grace for more than three decades.

Along the way I acquired a taste for deeply rooted meditation. Sitting with source, observing, and holding space accepting how it feels to be in the presence of quiet love.

While on the path in conjunction I fell in love with Reiki, acquiring my master degree several years ago. During this time I was gifted Violet Breath, which is a spiritually guided, breathing technique received when the Dai Ko Myo symbol is attuned. This breath is channeled from source. This violet breath is a part of my daily practice.

With a mixture of my hands, my voice, and my soul, I offer space birthing spiritual guidance. I have been led by source to remain an open channel. This allows the one seeking my connection to receive unique personal resources and endless information on enlightenment, and healing-via many different white light resources and modalities.

Because you are unique, yes you “one of a kind special” the way you heal is also unique.

This work reminds me always to stay in the middle, not judge, remain clear, and to listen, and, above all, love all beings exactly where they are at.

I look forward to meeting you, and working with you.

My sessions are conducted virtually, mainly from a distance, lasting approximately an hour up to one and a half hours in duration. I am available and can be booked for speaking engagements.

I have clients who require and ask for specific sessions, a vast majority of them prefer pre-recorded sessions where you receive messages from your soul, interacting with the souls around you, in this life, and the lives of a past, shared together. Another unique aspect of these recorded messages is the fact that you receive, a one of a kind guided spirit led mediation that has been personally selected for you, from source!

I am beyond excited to share with all of you the power of loving indifference! Self Love, is a powerful reminder, offering the gift of awareness.

Love and light in all ways

“Always Love First”

Tracey L Pagana -